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Doing the unthinkable!!

I did the unspeakable today! I actually called our local Regional Center to cancel services. GASP!! Can you believe it? It’s truly unthinkable right? What was I thinking? I will tell you what I was thinking. I talked to Mateo … Continue reading

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The unexpected IEP

Mateo had the big IEP today, the triennial IEP! These IEP’s are given out every three years and involve putting the child through a ton of tests to see where he is academically, socially, physically to grasp an overall picture of … Continue reading

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An open letter to our ABA Company

It is official, we no longer have the support of our ABA provider that we have had for the past 4 years. It is really hard to believe that my husband and I are officially on our own to help … Continue reading

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Summer time, pool days, hangin out and the inevitable meltdown.

I think I have written and rewritten this blog about six times. It has been so long since I have posted anything and I am feeling a little writer’s block.  And looking back, I am realizing this is my first … Continue reading

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Where has the summer gone?

I feel like I have been forced on hiatus from Mateo’s Story because life has been so busy! I really miss writing and connecting with my friends, family and followers. So I am going to get back in the swing … Continue reading

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Working hard and beating the odds

Mateo.  He is just an incredible kid.  He has a certain magnetism.  A drive.  A light and a smile that melts your heart.  And when those big brown eyes meet yours for a few seconds- it’s magic. There is just … Continue reading

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Special Needs Mom Warrior Princess?

As soon as I thought I could hang my Battle Axe in the closet for the year or at least the rest of the summer I found out that our request for more hours for ABA therapy for Mateo during … Continue reading

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A special visitor

Today I was brought back to when Mateo was first diagnosed, thinking of the process, the emotions, the questions and the fear.  I was visited today by a Mom of a boy almost exactly two years younger than Mateo.  And … Continue reading

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That’s progress!

I feel very hopeful today! Mateo has been doing amazingly well in program.  I am going to share his chart with everyone.  The little gray square in the middle is where Mateo was when he was first evaluated only 1 … Continue reading

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A week in the life of Mateo

School starts next week for Mateo.  I am excited and nervous.  He LOVED preschool so much last year, but he was younger, most of his peers were younger.  Now he will be with 4 to 5 year olds. How will … Continue reading

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