Just stories about an amazing kid who inspires our family each day.  My husband and I are raising two children, one typically developing and one with Autism. This blog is about the triumphs and challenges in raising a child diagnosed with Autism.

Thanks for taking the time to read it, and for helping to spread awareness on Autism.


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  1. Lara Kiniris says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. You seem like such a good mom. Mateo is amazing and such a gentle little soul 🙂

    • melmama says:

      Thanks Lara! He is an amazing little kid! It’s been a roller-coaster and I know it will continue to be- but we are very lucky!

  2. Jennifer Slocum says:

    I love reading your entries. I really enjoyed sharing preschool with Mateo last year and know he is a kind, loving child. We went through similar therapy for almost a year with our almost four year old b/o devleopmental delays and sensory issues. He was eventually discharged from therapy but it was a “heavy” time for me. I feel closer to him b/o it and often felt like it was me and him against the world. I have a true appreciation (or I guess, very small taste) for what it is like for parents of children with autism. Looks like Mateo has made incredible progress not only because he works hard, but you both work tirelessly to give him your all which can’t be described in words.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I really enjoyed reading about Mateo, along with your perspective on things. I certainly look forward to reading more about the progress you both make. My wife and I understand completely where you are coming from as our Autistic lad is turning 21 in a few weeks. We have been down many of the same roads you are on and roads you will be travelling in the future. We also have a 17 year old daughter with an undiagnosable seizure disorder who is wheel chair bound and a 10 year old son who has typically developed.

    My hat is off to you in your endeavor to document Mateo’s Story. I wish we would have had the foresight to do the same during the younger years as it would have made quite a story to say the least and maybe would have helped other folks in similar situations.

    I look forward to your future installments and wish your family all the best!


    • melmama says:

      Thanks so much Carl for your kind words and for following Mateo’s Story! I would love to hear more about your journey and some things that worked for you as your son grew older. I know we have a long road ahead. I feel really blessed to have Mateo in my life and to be having this amazing journey with him, he has already taught me so much.

      Best wishes!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    I just came across your blog and plan to sit down and read it later tonight. Our 19 month old was just diagnosed with autism 3 weeks ago and we are waiting and waiting and are in a rut. We\’ve done all we need to do but services (Alta Regional Center) haven\’t started yet and we have no idea what to expect. I\’m hoping reading your blog might give me some insight. From what I\’ve read so far it sounds like early intervention can really make a difference and I\’m so glad your son is doing so well!


    • melmama says:

      Caroline- I am so happy to hear that you found my blog. Early intervention made all of the difference for Mateo. I will send you an email so you can have my info to email or call me at any time. I know I felt very scared and alone when I found out and I want you to know you have a lot of support and people to go to with questions or just a shoulder to cry on.

  5. spdmama says:

    I’d like to invite you to Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder. This is a community website where bloggers can share their experiences, victories, tips and everyday challenges with others. And we want you! We’d love to share your writing.

    Please visit us at http://www.voicesofsensoryprocessingdisorder.com to learn more. I do hope you’ll join us. Happy blogging!
    Regards, Jennifer

  6. Shiny says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I am so glad i found your blog. My son was diagnosed with ASD this week, he is 28 months old.We are in contact with the ALTA regional services, but would like to get some suggestions from you. I believe there will no better person to guide me than you. We were advised to start ABA for 20 hours a week, but havnet discussed the plan yet, need to finish the evaluatiions by CBT, OT.

    waiting for your reply

    • melmama says:

      I would love to talk to you more about this and I will email you directly with my phone number. Thank you so much for reaching out and check your email box. :-)!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story. When I first began working as an Autism specialist within the school system, I had many staff members tell me that “there was no such thing as Autism”. Having the pilot program was a wonderful experience because my boys were able to teach them that yes, there was such a thing as Autism, and with the right support and welcoming the parents in instead of shutting the door in middle school, anything and everything is possible.

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