My Pet Snow Wolf : a story by Mateo


Mateo in Tahoe

I have a blog post I have been working on for the past two weeks- I still need to rework it a bit and add photos… It’s about the New Year. Well shoot- we are almost done with January and it’s still not posted.

But I have something much more exciting today! This is a story written 100% by Mateo for a writing assignment.  Writing has always been extremely hard for Mateo.  But typing on the computer has made things so much easier. And getting one or two lines out is very difficult at times.  But he did this amazing story yesterday and I am so very proud of him and all of his accomplishments! So here on Mateo’s Story is really Mateo’s Story, written on my birthday January, 19!

My Pet Snow Wolf
by Mateo

There was this city called allaya the snow city. Allaya will be in tahoe. There was a little kid called buburd he had a snow wolf pet called Porkchop. Porkchop like to drink lemonade so buburd and his family gives him dog lemonade. But in 2015… buburd had an argument to his dad.  His dad said “well, don’t the signs says no wolfs aloud” and buburd said “well porkchop is coming with us anyway”. Porkchop just stared and buburd and his dad. Buburds dad said “porkchop can’t come with us hes a wolf hes not aloud he`ll bite everyone” buburd just stared just for a secod but his dad said “what is that supost to mean?” he got confused buburd said “its supposed to mean im mad at you”.  His dad said “ok we need to go we don’t have enough time agrewing with eachother” they went without Porkchop they were going to the houns. The houns is pretty boring but in tahoe. There no pets allowed buburds dad said “see I toad you no pets allowed that’s also means no wolfs aloud” Bluebird said “that doesn’t make any sence s”. They went into the houns and they just sit down in the chair and wait for their turn. Buburd said “hu why isn’t porkchop here with us this is so boring” his dad just got to the station the needed to go to because it was there turn. At home porkchop peed in the snow because he was bored and he had an idea he decided to go to houns because he missed buburds family. Porkchop surprised everyone the mayor said “GET THIS WOLF OUT OF HERE” buburd said “that’s my pet you’re messing with my pet” the mayor said “WELL GET HIM OUT!” the mayor threw him out. The place closed down because they needed a clean up. He peed again. The end of part 1.

I can’t wait for part 2! How about you?

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