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What a summer! Wait it’s back to school already?

Well it’s been a very, very long time since I have written in Mateo’s Story. We have done a lot this Summer and the kids have already put in two weeks of school! That is just crazy right? Remember when … Continue reading

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Hurtful words

Words matter. The words you say can truly effect someone without you even knowing. Sometimes in a positive way and often in a very negative one. A harmless YouTube video can turn someone from laughs to tears in moments when … Continue reading

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An open letter to our ABA Company

It is official, we no longer have the support of our ABA provider that we have had for the past 4 years. It is really hard to believe that my husband and I are officially on our own to help … Continue reading

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April is …

April is here. It is the month that my incredible son Mateo was born, and ironically it is also Autism Awareness month. And although Autism Awareness month has had all of the best intentions it has turned many people who … Continue reading

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Avoiding the breaking point

I wish I could see inside his mind, and see what he sees, feel what he feels and know what Autism is for Mateo. I wish he could clearly communicate to me when he is anxious or over-stimulated when the … Continue reading

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Prepping for the ‘real’ world

People will say having a child with Autism is very difficult, and it’s true. But for me the hardest part of having a child with Autism is trying to make life altering decisions for my son. It’s a very difficult … Continue reading

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The numbers are in, but what does it mean for kids like Mateo?

Well the Twitter and Facebook community exploded yesterday, the numbers from the Center for Disease Control released the latest statistics for Autism in the US.  The numbers were at 1 in 110 Children, 1 in 80 boys.  The numbers released yesterday are … Continue reading

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