My Pet Snow Wolf Part 2 a story by Mateo

Mateo loved everyone’s comments on Facebook yesterday about his story.  He was so excited to write part two.  For this assignment he had to incorporate skyscrapers.  I am so impressed with how he creatively wove it into his story.  I am also so impressed with his dialogue running throughout.

My Pet Snow Wolf Part 2

Bluebird has a dream of a Halloween house they were going to. Bluebird woke up ands scream “huuuuuu huh Hu Hu” bluebirds dad said “are you ok?” bluebird said “it was a nightmare” his dad said “just making sure everythings fine!”. Porkchop ran into the room and got nervious. Bluebirds dad said “porkchop what are you doing?”. Bluebird ran out of the room because he realized they were going to skyscrapers in tahoe. Porkchop was coming with them fanilly. They went to tahoe mountains because the snow skyscrapers were only in the tahoe mountains. Porkchop got excited real fast. Porkchop was in the back seat. They made it! Just in time. Bluebird saw a bunch of skyscrapers. Bluebird said “dad theres some skyscrapers? His dad said “I just wanted to tell you something” bluebird said “like what?”. His dad said “you nevered had a mom?” bluebird said “well who cares about moms?”. Bluebird continue “im just happy were not going to houns anymore!”. Aftur the skyscrapers they went home and relaxed there. The end part 3 coming soon.

He is becoming quite the story teller.  Maya response to the story was “Hey Dad, I think it’s time you have THE talk with Mateo” in regards to the no Mom part.

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