Where has the summer gone?

I feel like I have been forced on hiatus from Mateo’s Story because life has been so busy! I really miss writing and connecting with my friends, family and followers. So I am going to get back in the swing of things. Summer has come and gone like a hurricane. A whirlwind of weekend adventures, swimming time, family and friends time and to be honest, not enough time. My kids get just over two months off from mid June to the second week of August, so we are finding ourselves in Back To School mode and it’s only the end of July.

At The State Fair with Friends

Mateo has made some large triumphs this summer. After 5 weeks of swimming lessons he can now put his whole face in the water and is trusting us to help him float on his back. He’s building his confidence slowly, and I am so very proud of how hard he pushed himself. There were only a couple cries out for Mommy and a lot of, “I’M ALL DOOOOONE!” being screamed across the pool for everyone to hear. Having Sensory Processing Disorder makes having the water on his face and the pressure when putting your ears under the water very difficult for him. But he powered through like a champ, I think by next year he will begin to really start swimming.

Floating in the pool

We took a fun camping trip with some of our friends with older kids,  I worked up enough courage to let him walk the dogs around the campsite, as long as he held his sister’s hand. Ok, that wasn’t a HUGE step for Mateo, but it was for me and my husband. I think as parent’s of Autistic children we live in this constant fear, that they will get hurt. We want to wrap a protective shell around them, but we also want them to grow and learn independence. It’s this fine line that we teeter on. I always put safety first, but as he gets older, I can see him wanting to fit in with the other kids his age.

“Hey Mom look at my dirty camping feet!”

Mateo also is beginning to wind down his ABA therapy in the next few months. He is now ranking almost to age level on most criteria, meeting it in a few categories, with speech still his largest deficit. But we all think it’s time to start cutting back and giving Mateo time to do sports with kids his age, and have a social life outside of ABA. I know it will be a huge change for him, his tutors have been a part of his life for 3 years now.

But most difficult thing for Mateo this summer has been that I have had to be out of the house working at a new contract position. When I had Mateo I began my own business with my husband and worked from home exclusively. With the economy in it’s current state, I have had to take on contract positions and work away from home during the day. He has not been happy about it. It really breaks my heart to see him cry when I leave for work, or when I have had to go out of town. I know once school begins things will get easier for him, and when it becomes a routine, but for now it’s tough on us both.

I’m Batman!

I am definitely a lover of summer, even though it can be 100 degrees and as I am sitting at a desk at 7:30am the AC is already blaring, I am already sad to see the sun setting a little earlier, and less trips to the neighborhood pool, I am sad to see the Fair has come and gone.   I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to Summer.

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3 Responses to Where has the summer gone?

  1. Kiel Landers says:

    The end of Summer is so bitter sweet! My little boy put his face in the water for the first time ever too. As his parents my husband and I cheered while onlookers seemed to think we were overdoing it on the praise…heh…if only they knew! I hope this new school year brings even more growth and joy to the whole crew!

    • melmama says:

      YAY!! So glad to hear that Kiel! Yes, we can cheer loudly as much as we want, our kids have definitely earned it! I remember when Mateo was 3 and hardly talking him and I would praise him every time he used words, you should have seen the looks I would get at stores. I don’t even notice anymore!

  2. OneLoCoMommy says:

    “I think as parent’s of Autistic children we live in this constant fear, that they will get hurt.”

    Isn’t that the truth?!?!?

    It’s so good to hear that Mateo progressed so well in the pool! It’s such an awesome feeling when they “finally” do something we’ve been waiting for so long!

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