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Mateo- teaching autism acceptance at the age of 5!

So Mateo has been in school for over 3 weeks and I am once again amazed by him. I think his whole team is pretty amazed by him.  I am also amazed by his teacher, Miss Chang, who is also … Continue reading


What a difference a day (and some good bribery) makes

So after yesterday’s debacle of a morning, I decided to start fresh this morning and really focus making this morning routine a positive one. Mateo’s bad morning turned into a really bad day at school, and I was hoping to … Continue reading


It’s Autism’s Fault!

It’s hard. Sometimes as parents we have these really proud moments. Proud of our children and their accomplishments. Proud of ourselves for making a difference. Proud of making it down this crazy road. Then we have the not so proud … Continue reading

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Amazing Kid, Adorable Caterpillar

One of my biggest concerns about Mateo and Kindergarten has been him understanding and being able to follow the teachers directions.  Multiple steps are incredibly difficult for him to follow. The wiring can get crossed.  I can see the frustration … Continue reading

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Look out Kindergarten, here comes Teo!

So it was the BIG first day for Mateo.  He has officially begun his journey into elementary school.  We were all nervous.  I think I was the most worried, as you all know I have been stressing about this for … Continue reading

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