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A week in the life of Mateo

School starts next week for Mateo.  I am excited and nervous.  He LOVED preschool so much last year, but he was younger, most of his peers were younger.  Now he will be with 4 to 5 year olds. How will … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be one of those mornings…

That is what I posted for Facebook this morning.  I could see the opposition for the time he got up.  Maybe he didn’t get enough sleep? Maybe too much? Maybe he’s hungry? I look for reasons, but it’s probably just … Continue reading

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Dad’s birthday!

On Sunday we went to my brother’s house to celebrate my nephew and my dad’s birthday. The most amazing thing happened. We were sitting around watching my dad open a couple presents and Mateo walks right up to my dad … Continue reading

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Where’s the manual?

Sometimes I wish there was a manual.  I wish I knew what was coming.  I wish I knew what was happening in his head. Mateo started a group therapy session, and yesterday was his second time going.  He was very … Continue reading

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Lucky me and amazing traits

I have been thinking about how lucky we are lately.  I belong to quite a few Autism groups, it helps to feel part of a community, to hear people going through, what we go through and what Mateo goes through.  … Continue reading

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