Working hard and beating the odds

Mateo working hard in class!

Mateo.  He is just an incredible kid.  He has a certain magnetism.  A drive.  A light and a smile that melts your heart.  And when those big brown eyes meet yours for a few seconds- it’s magic.

There is just something about him. I can’t explain it. But I know Autism will never stop him from doing anything he wants to in his life.

We started Mateo in a regular classroom, hoping it would be ok.  Thinking- well he’s only 5, if he has to repeat it- no big deal. But he is blowing us away.  He is reading sentences.  He is writing sentences. He knows all of his letters and most of their sounds.  He plays with kids at recess. He has friends.  He has surpassed everything we could have even imagined for Kindergarten.

He has a new consultant for ABA who is in charge of planing out his goals.  They decided to cut his goals down since his hours have been drastically cut to go along with school.   So the new consultant set up some goals.  And we just brought them out this last week- Mateo has therapy twice a week.  That’s it!  He has already passed half of his goals – for the quarter! They have to revise the goals and give him more.

But things aren’t always easy for him.  He struggles through understanding his homework.  Different words with the same meanings really throw him for a loop.  He tries so hard all day at school to fit in and not stim.  For those of you who do not know- Stimming is something children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder do to help them process information.  Mateo will often do it when excited or nervous or when learning something new.  There are many forms of stimming- Mateo taps the top of his head rapidly or the side of his legs, and sometimes jumps up and down while doing it.  He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself at school- so he holds it in. Then comes home and let’s it all out.

He tries to fit in so well it’s hard for people to realize how hard he’s working.  But I know it Mateo. I see it every day, and I couldn’t be more proud of you! I want you to know that you are an amazing kid just the way you are!

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One Response to Working hard and beating the odds

  1. Stimming is definitely something we all have to work with Mayor Bee on. Like you I really want him mainstreamed once he gets into kindergarten so we are split between ECSE and mainstream daycare. Everyone involved agrees that for him the urge not to stim is probably the hardest control. He just feels he HAS to do something!

    This past week his aftercare teacher informed me that he was hurling himself towards the wall. On purpose. Then when his classmates cheered…he did it again! So, while not good behavior: A. He wasn’t injuring himself, 2. He was feeding off the classroom vibe and trying to impress. Ergo, like a “normal” kid. LOL

    Back to Mateo – WAY TO GO! Great progress.

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