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A wonderful beach adventure

It’s the end of summer for us.  Kids go back to school on August 2. Yes, that’s right I said August 2!! Remember when summer was 3 months long? When we would run out of fun ideas? Spend endless days … Continue reading


words, so many words!

I have no idea what happened.  I have no words. But he does. They are flowing out from him. Precise sentences. Not just a jumble of sounds, but correct words that we can all understand. His communication has come so … Continue reading


Hello Mom Bloggers!

I went to a Social Media Group Meet-Up yesterday and the focus was on Mom Bloggers.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s story of why they got into blogging, their inspiration for telling their story. I went with my good … Continue reading

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Camping: a rushing river and solo-mom adventure

So I decided to do something crazy.  I decided to really test myself and my kids and go on a camping adventure without my husband.  I definitely didn’t want to leave him behind, but he had big deadlines and had … Continue reading

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DANGEROUS!!!! According to Mateo

So Mateo has been learning the difference in safe and dangerous. The other day we were working in the yard together and my back was to the street. I heard Mateo say, “Ernie don’t run in the street, it’s dangerous”. … Continue reading

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