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An ordinary mom

Mateo was curled in a ball, head on the floor waiting for his gymnastics coach to come over and give him a push to complete his somersault.  When he started gymnastics in the summer he refused to try a somersault, … Continue reading

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A part of everything

Mateo at Preschool playing with his teacher and friends Many times children with Autism will stand on the outskirts in social situations.  They are observers and taking in everything around them.  Watching from the sidelines, as the other children will … Continue reading

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Fighting to pave the path

Sometimes all of the fighting can break you down, make you crumble on the inside.  And no matter where you turn all you can see is another battle ahead.  Two weeks of budget hearings, followed by a Kindergarten meeting and … Continue reading

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Another hearing…more of us speaking, but are they going to listen?

It was around 8:45am, and outside of the Capitol things were quiet.  I wasn’t sure if I should wait for the people that I had invited to meet us there or go inside.  Reuben and I decided to go inside … Continue reading

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A testimonial from Maya

My daughter wanted to write a testimonial after seeing Reuben writing one today.  I received it while working at Starbucks and I couldn’t help but begin to cry. Out of pride and out of the perfect truth she spoke.  Her … Continue reading

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Making words count

As I prepare a short testimonial to present in the Senate hearing tomorrow, I am noticing the amazing progress in Mateo each day. There is so much that I want to say, I am not sure what points will make … Continue reading

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Learning about the Lanterman Act

Mateo at 2 1/2 Mateo December 2010 I never thought I would turn into an Advocate.  But as soon as Mateo was diagnosed with Autism at over 2 1/2 that is exactly what I became.  I began advocating to get … Continue reading

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A hearing, but is anyone listening?

I wiped the tears from my eyes as they approached the podium to give their stories.  I really wished I would have brought tissues because the emotional charge in the room was overwhelming. A young Autistic boy approached the podium … Continue reading

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Autism Advocacy

Governor Brown is threatening to make cuts that will effect children with Autism and their services.  I would appreciate everyone’s help in contacting their Assemblymembers and helping to save services for kids now and in the future.  Feel free to … Continue reading

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