Mateo, an award-winning story writer!!



     I am going to tell you about Minecraft. Minecraft is a newer game. It is multiplayer or single player. Minecraft is fun for everyone.

     I am going to tell you what Minecraft has. It has pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens. Minecraft has hostile mobs who try to kill you. It has zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, and endermen.

     I am going to tell you about how Minecraft is played. Stay away from hostile mobs by crafting swords, arrows, and armor and bows. In minecraft, you can also get weapons by killing zombies or skeletons. In creative mode, you can’t die or get hungry. You can get thirsty. I hope you learned about minecraft.

The other day Mateo came home with a certificate for Writer of the Month. WRITER OF THE MONTH!!  Check out his great story above!

Mateo in Gamer Mode

Mateo in Gamer Mode


Mateo has struggled with writing for a long time. Communicating his thoughts is very difficult, and he tends to try to write the least amount possible.  His hands get very tired and he has always told me that he HATES writing.

But something changed, in the past month the school has decided that Mateo can now type out his writing projects. He types me letters each week about how his week at school went and he types in full sentences which were so difficult for him when he had to write them out. He has come so far, and I could not be more proud of him and all of his accomplishments. Mateo types really fast on the laptop, it has come very naturally to him. He uses two hands and is getting better all of the time at it.  I am thankful to have him in a school that works very hard to help him to achieve and makes the accommodations necessary to help guarantee it.

He has also started a YouTube channel where he makes videos and talks everyone through what he is working on in Minecraft. This is also huge for him,  he’s communicating to the world.  Here is a video that where he has built this Five Nights at Freddy’s world on his Minecraft account:

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2 Responses to Mateo, an award-winning story writer!!

  1. It is nice to see a school that is so helpful – I have to share – my daughter also hated writing in grade school – now guess what she wants to be when she graduates? A writer 🙂

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