Happy 8th Birthday Mateo!





Every year for Mateo’s Birthday I like to write him a letter. I don’t think I have ever read them to him, maybe we will make that a tradition this year. Today Mateo turns 8. This has been a huge year for him. All home therapy has ended. He is working very hard in second grade, with very few modifications to his curriculum. The progress that he has made in the past 5 years is truly astonishing.

Dear Mateo,

You are 8 years old today! I can’t believe how quickly those eight years have passed. I was so excited to have a boy, was so happy that I would get to have one of each! And when you finally came into this world you brought me so much happiness and completed our family.

I was amazed at how you adapted to having people in and out of our house all of the time since you were 2 1/2. You had a scehdule as tough as most adults by the age of 3, but you tirelessly kept pushing. I am so proud of you and how you never gave up on anything, no matter how frustrating it became for you.

So here we are today, and you are a big kid! I love how you want to discover how to make a dinosaur. I love how you make hilarious youtube videos. I love what you build in your Minecraft worlds and how you share them all with me, Daddy and Maya. I love your independence and how you insisted on walking your cookies to share with your class today in all by yourself.

You amaze me!! Always be proud of all you have accomplished! Always! Be proud, that nothing has ever gotten in your way to reach your goals and aspirations. Be proud of all that you are, because you are incredible! You just being yourself have touched countless people. You have inspired people with your accomplishments, attitude and spirit, you have inspired me.

I love you so much and am excited for what new exciting things we discover together in the next year.


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