An end of the year letter from Mateo’s teacher.

So Mateo’s 1st grade teacher was out on Maternity leave for over half of the year. It was a difficult transition for Mateo, she is a very wonderful teacher and Mateo cares a lot for her. Another amazing teacher stepped in, but he refused to communicate with her for the first few weeks and we were worried. But sometimes it just takes Mateo a little while to warm up to new people. He has to test you out to make sure you are in it for the long haul.

Here is a letter I received from her last night. This is progress! This is wonderful! This filled my heart with so much happiness:

He has come such a long way and I’ve only seen less than a year of his growth!!! I am going to miss him so much…
He has been full of jokes the past few days. He’s learning that his “comments” get a rise out of the class and yes taking full advantage of it. Today he proved to me just how much he knows the class routines. We did not do a math assignment that we do every day before choice time.
When I started dismissing the kids for choice time Mateo shouts out…wait what we aren’t doing minute math? I said nope not today. He jumped up and shouted YES. I couldn’t help but laugh.
One last thing, If Mateo wants to see me or talk to me at all please know my door is always open. Even over the summer!!!!
-From Mateo’s amazing fill in 1st grade teacher

Here is to a great and relaxing summer for all of our kids! Who’s ready for the pool?

Our favorite summer spot!

Our favorite summer spot!

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