Back to school, back to routines.

Back To School!

School has been in full swing for my kids for just over a month. Back to our daily routines. Morning Routine, School Routine, Homework Routine, Bedtime Routine and then start it up all over again! Only short breaks for Mateo to play some Where’s My Perry or Where’s My Water? His two new favorite obsessions.

The first week was a bit difficult for Mateo, leaving behind the days of morning cartoons and long days at the pool, his days are now filled with rules and deadlines, but to be honest it’s where he thrives. The constentcy of it all. The simplicity of a jammed packed schedule is where he is happiest.

His homework packet is a more a little more difficult, but he has really been pushing himself to finish it when we ask without too much protest. This has been a huge sigh of relief, after packed days at school and coming home to do therapy, homework has always been a tough battle.

So many times I forget how hard Mateo worked to get where he is. How hard it was for him to just tell us what he wanted for lunch. Now he shouts it across the house, I will hear him screaming….“MOOOOOOOOOM! I wan’t chocolate milk, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!” Now we are trying to teach him that he can’t get everything immediately when he asks, and he needs to come up and ask us in a normal voice. That’s a tough one because when he was learning to talk, that’s how we would coax the words out of him, with immediate gratification. It’s the only way we would get success without melt-downs and frustrations.

So when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed with his many requests a day, I have to sit back and remember the feeling, when he couldn’t utter the words, “I want Chocolate Milk.” Or “I want a snack.” The many tears from us both as we sank to kitchen floor, trying to figure out what he wanted. The hopelessness and dread, will my child ever be able to clearly communicate to me?

And today he can. Now we will work on tone, and patience. With Autism, we are always working on something, I don’t see that ever changing. We are both always learning and striving to be better. But I wouldn’t change this journey I have made with Mateo for anything. This journey has made us all a lot stronger. He has opened a lot of eyes to what Autism really is.

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