A big day, a HUGE accomplishment!

Today, filled me with so many emotions. Mostly proud, a little sad, very excited, extremely hopeful and so amazed by the progress my little kindergarten graduate had made this year.

Mateo and his diploma!

He walked proudly through the gymnasium head held high, his homemade graduation hat sitting perfectly on his head as he walked in a straight line, a sign saying “Aspiring Veterinarian” hanging around his neck, he wore a shirt and tie (that he was so proud of) and slacks with his skateboarder shoes shuffling along the gym floor. He looked so grown up, so confident, my amazing little guy.

They played graduation music and my eyes began to tear up immediately. Why must they do that? But my mascara held out, and I held it together.

Mateo and his friend!

He walked up and accepted his diploma from his teacher, shook her hand and the principals and sat back in his spot, beaming with pride.

He has come so far this year.  His friends wanted to take pictures with him. His teacher, special ed coordinator,  grandparents, friends of ours, and family all felt so much pride in watching him come so far! Watching the progress of this little boy who touches everyone’s heart that he meets, he is truly inspirational. Like many amazing autistic children I meet, they can overcome so much!

Here’s to your future Mateo, what ever comes your way I know that you will take it on like the Super kid you are!!

He really is “Super Mateo”

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3 Responses to A big day, a HUGE accomplishment!

  1. Jack Cauthen says:

    We were so proud to watch Mateo graduate from Kindergarten!! Just as Melissa says, he is an inspiration and has Super Powers! He is such a caring and vibrant boy to behold, and he exudes love and more with those big brown eyes!! He has a kindred spirit that holds you in his gaze and those of us fortunate enough to spend some time with him are truly blessed and made full by his being. We love you beyond words, Super Mateo!! Congratulations!!
    Pop and Ninni

  2. josh3212 says:

    Obviously I miss you, but also sad to miss so many important moments in your life and the lives of the few people I care about from back there. I should try to be better about reading about them at least. Came across this and enjoyed the story, and wanted you to know that I still think of you and wish nothing but the best for you and the family. Hope to see you all again some time. Take good care Mel!

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