Mateo, an update

Mateo playing Uno

I have been feeling a little blocked about writing for Mateo’s Story.  I have written, and rewritten posts and nothing has felt right. So I am going to just give everyone a little update on Mateo.

He has been talking so much lately, using complete sentences and correct words, his words have become more and more clear. Although sometimes I still can’t understand him and  the conversation will end in frustration for him and sadness for me because I really just want to understand. Communication though has come so far, it’s very apparent when friends come over and visit and are amazed by his growing vocabulary and willingness to start conversations.

I think that’s been the biggest change, it used to only be us asking questions, waiting for one word answers. Now he will tell us things that happened or make casual observations.

With his increase in words, we have also seen an increase in his self-stimulatory behavior.  He his now hitting the walls and ground, he will tap it really fast like he’s banging on a bongo drum.  We have tried having him actually play on a drum, but it just isn’t the right sensation for him.

I don’t mind the stimming- everything I read from people with Autism is how much stimming helps them, and I feel like if stimming helps Mateo process information and helps him to communicate easier, then he should be able to do whatever helps him.

And he is starting to read, he has passed two reading levels in Kindergarten so far. He also is doing really well at math. I am so proud of all of his accomplishments.

This morning we were getting ready for school and he looks at me and asks, “School today right?”

“Yes, it is school today.” I answered.

“I get to see my friends!” he says excitedly.

“Yes you do! Who is your best friend at school?” I ask him.

“Julian, Julian’s my friend.”

So, to my friends with newly diagnosed children.  There are so many possibilities for your children. My son couldn’t talk at the age of two, hardly had any words by the age of three, he now attends Main Stream school and looks forward to it and seeing his friends. FRIENDS!!! It took an insane amount of work to get Mateo where he is today.  More work than I ever could have imagined. But I couldn’t be more proud of him, and of his sister who is such an amazing and caring big sister.

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3 Responses to Mateo, an update

  1. Taryn Nance says:

    He has come so far!! We love you guys and are so proud! Yay!!!!

  2. Waouh! Thanks to share.
    He is amazing…and you too.

  3. Nini & Pop says:

    We are so proud of Mateo and all of you! It has been a lot of hard work for you all and so wonderful to see the benefits. It is great to hear him talking about his friends! Love you all.

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