To the Producers at ABC…

ABC World News Producer Seeks Parents of Autistic Children to Comment on Proposed New Definition of Autism

Pretending that the increase in numbers of children being diagnosed with Autism will just go away because they alter the definition is preposterous.  This is just a political move to reduce costs to the healthcare industry.

My son was diagnosed with high functioning Autism at the age of two and a half.  He scored well on points for his IQ, but he had hardly any words.  After receiving ABA, Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social groups and a full time Aide in school, now at the age of five and a half my son has words.  My son has friends. My son can tell me what he wants for breakfast.  My son can tell a stranger his name.

But my son can still not tell me what he did at school today.  My son can’t tell you the names of all of his friends at school. My son will still try to run across the street. My son still tries to leave my house unattended.  My son still has a long way to go. But I have a lot of hope!  I have hope because 40 hours of therapy got him where he is today.  I have hope because he goes to school full time, has ABA therapy after school and on the weekend, he has Speech and Occupational Therapy during the week, and all of these things are creating progress.

I have hope that one day my son will attend college.  I have hope that one day my son will find love and someone who understands him.  I have hope that he will live an independent and happy life.

I was not sure when he was diagnosed.  If my son with high functioning Autism didn’t receive those services, I believe he would be in a Special Ed school, not a main stream Kindergarten. I don’t believe he would have half of the words he has now, or be able to have part of a conversation with me without all of this therapy and hard work.

What the Bureaucrats and Politicians, what the Health Care Industry and Lobbyists can’t grasp is the future.  They are looking to save a dime right now.  But my son has a chance! He has a chance to lead an independent life, because we are working so hard now to get him there.  Without these opportunities,  my son could end up in a group home, living off of the system for the rest of his life.  So many other children are in the same boat.  These High-Functioning kids, teens and adults still need this therapy to learn the steps, to process the information, to fit into our society so they can contribute to it.

Changing the requirements for Autism won’t change the fact that these children need our help now.

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1 Response to To the Producers at ABC…

  1. Judy Coppola says:

    I totally agree. It’s either pay now or pay forever later. I can’t figure out why the government can’t get it. Parents need this help. We are not specialists in the field and we are helpless in knowing how to help our kids or paying specialists for it. We need the support just as any other disaster requires support. And believe me, Autism can be a disaster for families without help.

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