A letter for my son’s school

Mateo's first field trip/bus ride!

I wrote a letter because my children’s school is a Charter School and was up for renewal.  I guess the staff was so proud of it- it got passed around and shared.  I think it’s good to let people know when they are doing things right as much as when they are doing things wrong.  They should know what sets them apart so they can continue to provide that sort of excellence!

I changed the name of the school to protect my child’s privacy to this Amazing School, because it really has been amazing for our family.

Regarding Renewal of Charter for my child’s school

To Whom it May Concern,

I have two children enrolled in this Amazing School.  My daughter started at this Amazing School the first year that they opened; she was part of the first Kindergarten to graduate in 2009.  We decided to enroll her there because our neighborhood school located in this Horrible District had very low scores and we had some experience with the school district already and were quite unhappy with it.  We felt so thrilled to discover this Amazing School, and were immediately impressed with the principal and the way the school was run.  I had complete confidence that if anyone could help my daughter to thrive it would be this school.  And I was right, the teachers have been amazing, the classes are extremely organized, and I feel like my child is getting the best education that she can in a safe and caring environment.

This school year my son started Kindergarten.  But things are different for him.  He is diagnosed with Autism.  I had been in the Horrible District since my son turned 3, and it was battle after battle to get my son the services he needed.  I had to fight for an Aide so my son could attend a main stream Preschool, I had to fight to get him extra speech for a child who was practically non-verbal.  I had to go in to every IEP- with a strict list of demands just so my son could get the services he needed to succeed.

I was nervous when I approached this Amazing School to talk about my son and the services he would receive.  We talked even before enrollment, this Amazing School’s Special Needs staff actually scheduled meetings with me to talk about my son’s needs.  They took time out of their schedules to work with us to set him up for success.  They visited my home to see him during ABA Therapy, they visited his Preschool to see how he interacted with the other students and his teacher.  I was blown away!  They seemed to truly care about my son, and they had a goal for my son that no one had set before, to get him to College, just like every other child.  And they were willing to do what it takes to get him there.

My son no longer needs a full time Aide, he is in full inclusion, and takes direction from his teacher.  My son has friends in class.  Every Kindergarten teacher knows his name and are very supportive of him.  The principal checks in on him.  Everyone there wants to see him succeed.  I am not afraid he will be lost in an uncaring system like I felt in our school district.  I don’t feel like they will expect the bare minimum and push him out the door- bound to sweep floors in a fast food restaurant.

This Amazing School has been amazing for my children the past two and a half years.  I am excited for their educational future there, it is very important to us that this Amazing School continues to teach our children and help them thrive and prepare them for their future.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Best regards,


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