A slave to the schedule

Maybe this is what the bikinis in winter are for!

The bikini’s have arrived in the stores, suddenly everything has switched to Valentines Day with Spring around the corner.  The kids are about half way through the school year, how can that be? I feel sometimes so stuck in this routine- staring out of these hazy unwashed windows, thinking that I need to find more time for adventure and fun times for the kids and for me and my husband too!

The rigid schedule, it’s so packed with items for Mateo.  They tell me, I need to get him off of such a rigid routine, he’s too dependent on it, but how can I when our life is one booked solid routine….

Monday school all day-  then homework, dinner, bed…our most relaxing day of the week!
Tuesday – school all day- then Social Group from 3:30-5pm, homework, dinner, bed!
Wednesday – school half day – then ABA for 2 hours – then OT or Speech depending on the week until 5 or 6pm, then homework, dinner, bed!!
Thursday – school all day, then grocery shopping (I have to fit that in somewhere), homework, dinner, bed!!!
Friday – school all day – then ABA til 5pm, watch some movies or go to dinner, then go to bed!!!!
Saturday – ABA 9am – 12pm. Yep I have to get up early on Saturday and try to get my house picked up, showered and the kids breakfast before someone shows up at my house at 9am! Cross my fingers I didn’t have too much wine the night before!! Then we can do something fun…like 6 hours of fun!
Sunday- ONE DAY OFF for housework, laundry, shopping for the next week.

And while my kids are at school all day, I am working and trying to find new business.  One solid booked week. And I wonder why I am addicted to coffee and still always tired. And out of shape cause it’s hard to try to squeeze a workout in!

Where do you find time for fun? This isn’t just a rhetorical question. Really, I need to know!

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