For you Mateo

In you I see an amazing mind,
that can remember a song after hearing it once,
that can follow the light as it curves through the window,
that knows all of his site words at the age of 5.

In you I see a loving heart,
that can ask his sister what’s wrong as she cries,
that gives me a hug when I look upset,
that draws a beautiful picture of his happy family.

In you I see wonder,
I want to be inside your head and see all you see,
I want to see how your mind puts the pieces together,
and how you struggle to connect the words.

I want you to know…
I love every piece of you the way you are,
that you fill me with pride and happiness,
that you have taught me and the world so much.

That Autism will never define you,
that you can accomplish anything in this world,
that the world may not understand you,
but I am hopeful they will accept you for all that you are.

You are Mateo, you are amazing, you are a boy with light in your eyes, a hop in your step, music flowing through you and ready to conquer the world and all that it lays before you.

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6 Responses to For you Mateo

  1. I love it Mateo sounds like he is truly amazing!. I wrote a poem for sammy once. it wasn’t nearly as happy ~

  2. C... says:

    That’s a beautiful poem.

  3. Kasie Wilson says:

    so beautfiul.

  4. Monica says:

    So beautiful & it made me teary! Thank you for sharing with us. šŸ™‚

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