Spirit Week: not our finest week of the year.

I feel like Mateo’s Story has taken a backseat since things have just been so busy.  But I do have so much to share, so bear with me while I try to put this all in order.

Last week at school was Spirit Week.  My kids go to a Charter school where they must wear uniforms so Spirit week allowed them to dress up in fun theme days.

Day 1: Pajama day!
Fun right? Get to go to school in your PJs.  Mateo has Autism as you all know.  What most of you also know is that change in routine can cause confusion.  Well I feel like I probably didn’t set up the week as well as I could have.  I probably should have completely explained Spirit Week instead of just sending him off to school in his PJs. AND the fact that I messed up in the morning and forgot to make him go to the bathroom before we left the house- which I do EVERY DAY. Well in my defense it was a Monday! So I got to school and let his teacher know that I forgot! She told him to go. He didn’t. He had an accident.  He was VERY upset.   He hates having his clothes wet and was extremely embarrassed to have an accident in front of all of his classmates.  I brought him a change of PJs gave him lots of hugs and off he went to class.  THEN it happened AGAIN after lunch.  Mateo has had zero accidents since he started Kindergarten- then he got two in one day.  I was happy when that Monday came to an end!

Cat Woman and Batman to the rescue!

Day 2:  Super Hero Day:
Mateo LOVES Batman.  He says he wants to be Batman when he grows up.  He makes the cutest Batman ever too!  I get him ready in the morning. We go to the bathroom.  And I look at his costume. AGGGH- it’s ONE PIECE! Who invented this for 5 year olds- One piece outfits that Velcro in the back. Not user friendly AT ALL! UGGGHHH! I had meeting scheduled all day so Reuben decided he would head into school around lunch and help take Mateo to the bathroom.  We didn’t want a repeat of yesterday!  I am at my meeting and my phone rings. Then two text messages.  Another phone call. I PANIC! Excuse myself to read the Message: Teo is in the principal’s office for fighting. WITH A GIRL!  Oh my goodness! It’s only Tuesday.  Ok- so in Mateo’s defense.  This girl took his jump rope and pushed him first. He pushed back. Yard Duty sees this and sends them to the principals office.  It’s an all inclusion model, we want him treated the same, but I go back and forth on this one.  I talked to the school- we are working on a plan.  Did I tell you it’s only the second day of spirit week? It’s going to take a few trips to Trader Joes for some Cocoban to get through the rest of this week.

Crazy-haired and Mix -Matched Cuties!

Day 3: Crazy hair & Mix Match Day:
Mateo wore a Flair Hair hat- thanks to our Flair Hair Heir friends- Marc and Taryn.  Then my phone rang – the Caller ID- School! Oh man- here we go again.  I got a 12:00pm call from the Principal’s office again! This time it was Maya. Uggghhh! Another trip to Trader Joes!

Teo & His Buddy for Twin Day

Day 4: Twin’s Day:
Mateo is really lucky to have a good neighbor and friend who also has Autism and they are in the same grade, but different classes.  They came showing support in their Autism Speaks shirts.  Guess what?! NO CALL FROM THE OFFICE! WHEW!!!!!!

Day 5: Jersey and Jeans day:
Forgot to take a photo.  But Mateo looked great in his 49ers shirt and jeans and Maya wore a SF Giants shirt.  And the day went off without a hitch.

So we made it through Spirit week after all.  Mateo really liked dressing up, but the fact that things were different I think really put some stress on him.  Something he handled really well though.  And thank goodness I don’t have to worry about Spirit Week for a whole other year!

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4 Responses to Spirit Week: not our finest week of the year.

  1. Whew – sounds like some of the weeks I had! I’m glad you all made it through Spirit Week. 🙂

  2. WHAT A HANDSOME LITTLE GUY YOU HAVE! we failed here this week and missed the word parade. I am sorry that Mateo struggled with spirit week. Dont you just wish fun could be FUN for our boys?

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