We walk for Mateo and we walk for hope


Mateo Walking with Team Teotron!

It was a beautiful day for a walk.  And a walk that has meant so much to our family. A walk that brings a community together for the common goal of finding answers to the question, why our children have Autism.  Why so many more children are getting diagnosed each year, and what are we going to do to support these children and their families and the adults these children will become.


Our friends showing off the Teo Tron shirts!

So we walked for the third year in a row.  Well my kids walked, and my mom walked and a lot of amazing friends all walked for Mateo and for all of the other people living with Autism every day.  I stayed at my booth for The Sensory Cafe– a non-profit I am starting because there just isn’t enough support for families out there.  And as parents we often feel so lost, disconnected, unsure, alone and don’t know where to go or who to turn to.


Balloons for The Sensory Cafe

So you are all getting to go along on my journey of trying to form a Non-Profit and providing a place for parents to come to for resources, support and a relaxing  and understanding environment they can bring their children to.  So I met a lot of great people and almost everyone asked –  “Where is it? When are you open?” They were so excited! And so are we!

But back to Mateo and his story, we have told Mateo, who is 5 1/2, that he has Autism.  We have told him what Autism is.  They have talked about it at school with his class.  So I let him know we were walking for him, and all of the other people who have Autism.  I don’t know if Mateo truly understands, I think he has a pretty good concept though.  He seemed to be excited that everyone was there for him wearing his cool shirts.  Walking in his honor.

Teo getting ready for the walk

So Team TeoTron 2000 & The Superbots (because Mateo loves robots and loves super heros) raised almost $2,300 for Autism Speaks. I am very proud of our team, and the amazing out-pour of support we have all received from our friends and family.  In hope that we will find more answers for our children.  In hope that with answers we will find more ways to help them as they grow up.  In hope that a future for people with Autism will include Autism acceptance and support.

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