Kindergarten dreams of being a….Carrot?

On Thursday Mateo will have his first Student Led Conference where we will meet with his teacher and she will tell us how he’s doing in class.  She asks the kids at the beginning of the year what they want to be when they grow up and then again at the end of the year.

Mateo’s Aide from Pre-K the Rock Star Jono got to fill in today for his current and fabulous Aide Sarah.  They are both fabulous and amazing and have done so much- I can’t believe we will be without them in a couple of weeks! Anyway, back to my story.  Jono was very touched by this and sent it to me and I had to share with everyone.

First Student Led Conference

Mateo's First Parent Teacher Conference

First all I could think is- man he’s just the cutest little boy ever! Then I read carrot. He wants to be a carrot??!! They must have misheard him.  He was probably trying to say Carpenter or Champion Wrestler.  Maybe he meant to say Race Car Driver and it came out carrot?  Maybe it’s something he saw on a show. I guess we will never know. Most likely the question got jumbled up in his head.

We tried to ask him when he got home what he wanted to be and he said, “No!” That usually means he was embarrassed by the question or his response. So we let it go.  But from what I have heard he was very adamant that he wanted to be a carrot.

The weird thing is that he doesn’t even like carrots….Go figure.  There is one thing I know is he is going to kill me in 10 years for blogging about this!

But seriously, how cute is he?

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3 Responses to Kindergarten dreams of being a….Carrot?

  1. Taryn Nance says:

    LOL!! So cute!! I love him 🙂

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