Share your story

Things have been busy around here with work, school and trying to get our Non-Profit The Sensory Cafe launched.  So I thought I would put the word out there that I am looking for some Guest Bloggers to talk about Teo and Autism and what you he has taught you, brought to you or inspired something in you.  Or even for someone to share their own story- of Autism and their family.

Even the smallest post would be wonderful.  I have had a few people mention they would be interested in Guest Blogging and I would love to hear another voice.  I would love to share some new perspectives with my amazing followers.

So feel free to email them to

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2 Responses to Share your story

  1. Roy Ruiz says:

    I have a story, I have 7 kids, 5 are mine and 2 from the girlfriend. But over all all mine, I just had my book published called “Adventures of One Sock” about my son’s journey and adventures with autism. Maybe you can read the page sometime and give some feedback.

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