Mateo- teaching autism acceptance at the age of 5!

Took this today because his hair looked so cute!

So Mateo has been in school for over 3 weeks and I am once again amazed by him. I think his whole team is pretty amazed by him.  I am also amazed by his teacher, Miss Chang, who is also one of my blog readers.  I want to give a huge amount of gratitude to her for embracing Mateo and learning all she can from his Aides and providing a safe and happy place for him every day.  She is incredible and my heart goes out to her.  I am so excited that Mateo will have her for two years, because I believe she will make all of the difference! And Miss Chang has also expressed that she would like to be a Guest Blogger on Mateo’s Story and I WOULD LOVE THAT! So **hint, hint** **wink,wink** (at you Miss Chang!)

We had a meeting this week and starting next month will begin to fade his Aide. Yes, I am having a mild heart attack over this! But, I honestly think that Mateo and Miss Chang can do it. And if not, they are willing to hire the support he needs.  He is taking the majority of prompts from his teacher and reacts very well to her.  He is playing really well with the other kids in his class, and looks forward to school each day.  His biggest challenges are following her instructions when they are originally given, but when she approaches and directs him he does great! He is also really struggling in his Art Class with a different teacher, but we are coming up with some options for that.

Ian's Walk - A Story about Autism

They also read the class a story the second week of school called Ian’s Walk.  A book about a boy with Autism and how he see’s and reacts differently to the world around him.  They explained to the class that Mateo has Autism.  That sometimes you may not understand what he’s saying- but he understands you.  How to get his attention if he doesn’t seem to react to you.  To ask him to play, because he may not go up to you and ask.  The kids loved it! They felt empowered and were instantly understanding and compassionate to him.

So Mateo is doing more than just doing a good job at school, he is helping these Kindergarteners learn and accept Autism.  Learn and understand that their friend Mateo may be a little different, may need a little more help, but is just like them.  I couldn’t be more proud of Mateo and all he has accomplished!

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2 Responses to Mateo- teaching autism acceptance at the age of 5!

  1. Taryn Nance says:

    OMG-I got chills when I read about the class reading the book about Ian! What a wonderful way to educate Mateos’s new friends! He is accomplishing SO much and SO quickly too. Can’t wait to see what adventures the rest of the school year brings! XOXOXO

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