What a difference a day (and some good bribery) makes

So after yesterday’s debacle of a morning, I decided to start fresh this morning and really focus making this morning routine a positive one.

Mateo’s bad morning turned into a really bad day at school, and I was hoping to turn it all around today.

Mateo is currently obsessed with presents.  I keep a stash of recycled gift bags in the closet and Mateo likes to pull out his favorites and put toys are books in them and hand them out like presents.

I had a little crocodile wind up toy in my closet from the Dollar Store so I decided to wrap it up in a cute bag as incentive for Mateo to get dressed.  I also wrapped up some shells that Maya has always admired as a gift to her.  I want to be fair, plus if Mateo sees Maya getting a present first, that’s even bigger incentive for him.

And so after breakfast I grabbed the two bags and told the kids  “if you get dressed in less than 4 minutes and are well behaved you can have a present”.

The both happily got dressed in under two minutes, both received their little gifts and had a fabulous morning and drop off.

Every day is a new, a second chance for us to do things right and learn from mistakes we have made.   And let’s be honest some days just suck! But so far so good for today.

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3 Responses to What a difference a day (and some good bribery) makes

  1. Love it – we do something similar…we call them “treasures” (like pirate booty, lol).

  2. Jenelle Reali says:

    Guess I need to start stocking up on toys to bribe Christopher with to get out of bed that first week of kindergarten, because I know I’m going to need them! Thanks Melissa!

  3. Jenelle Reali says:

    P.S. And glad it was a better morning 🙂

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