It’s Autism’s Fault!

It’s hard.

Sometimes as parents we have these really proud moments. Proud of our children and their accomplishments. Proud of ourselves for making a difference. Proud of making it down this crazy road.

Then we have the not so proud moments.  Where you find yourself losing your grip.  Find the frustrations over powering you.  See yourself from the outside and think, “Wow- I really could have handled that one better!”

I had one of those mornings.  The not so proud ones.  Where everything is falling apart at the seams. And you think – AUTISM SUCKS!!! It’s not him- he thinks getting ready is a game. He thinks my upset voice is part of it.  It’s not his fault.  It’s Autism’s fault.  It feels good to have something to blame when things are falling apart I guess.

Autism also brings out wonderful things in Mateo.  But today it brought out the worst.  And my worst.

Maybe this afternoon it will bring out the best.

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2 Responses to It’s Autism’s Fault!

  1. Valery Shawkey says:

    Amen! I had one of those this morning with Austin too! Wouldn’t put his shoes on to save his life.. 😉 Sometimes Autism really does suck but my boy wouldn’t be who he is otherwise..

    • melmama says:

      I definitely agree Valery! Through all of the struggles there are so many wonderful qualities that shine through. It just makes some days really hard and you appreciate those really wonderful days!

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