Amazing Kid, Adorable Caterpillar

One of my biggest concerns about Mateo and Kindergarten has been him understanding and being able to follow the teachers directions.  Multiple steps are incredibly difficult for him to follow. The wiring can get crossed.  I can see the frustration in his eyes, and I worry that he won’t ask for help, and will just melt down.

So one of his class assignments on his third day of school was to color a caterpillar in an AB pattern.  Huh? AB pattern? Oh man, Kindergarten is much more advanced than I remember. The teacher explained how the pattern worked and to get two crayons out and color the caterpillar.  And then it took a few minutes before the kids actually began their assignment.

Mateo’s Special Ed Coordinator and Aide stepped back to see what he would do.

He went to his desk and pulled out a yellow crayon, and then thought about what other color he would want to use.  He told his Aide, “I am using yellow and………..Blue!”

Then he began coloring in yellow, saying “First yellow, then…!”

He looks at  his picture and says, “Yellow….Blue…………..Yellow!!” and continued until he colored the entire caterpillar.

Then of course decided that yellow and blue caterpillar needed some pink eyes! And there ya go!

What???? Who is this kid? Absolutely no assistance from his Aide or the teacher!!  I am just blown away by him. Amazed every day by his abilities and how hard he pushes himself. And all of those words! Holy cow people! That was a lot of words!

And here is the artwork to prove it……

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