Look out Kindergarten, here comes Teo!

Big Sister and Mateo Ready for their first day

So it was the BIG first day for Mateo.  He has officially begun his journey into elementary school.  We were all nervous.  I think I was the most worried, as you all know I have been stressing about this for the past 5 or 6 months.

The day before Mateo and his entourage had the opportunity to meet with Mateo’s Kindergarten teacher and Special Ed Coordinator.  We asked a lot of “what if” questions.  What should we do if he has a meltdown? Where should we take him if he needs a break? How should we explain Autism to the other kids in class?

And we walked through a few scenarios, figured out his quiet place and just prepared for his big day.

He got on his uniform, grabbed his Cars backpack and lunch, as Maya showed him how to “College Walk” and that he needs to “Listen to his teacher, and do what she says!”. She really is an amazing sister.

Waiting to be dismissed

When we got there his Aide asked him if he was excited or nervous? He said “Nervous” and she said he was a little shakey.  But he sat there quietly in line and then off we went.  I nervously waved good-bye as he walked to class with his Aide and all of his classmates.

Teo walks to class

And I waited a whole hour before texting his Aide to ask how he was doing. She replied, “Great!” She told me he met a friend on the playground at recess. YAY- go Teo!!

We were all so impressed by how well he adjusted to this new big crazy school, with a bunch of new kids and a new teacher.

Then we returned for his evaluation and he did very well.  His teacher remarked how smart he is, and what an amazing first day he had. We are so proud of him.  And so proud of his amazing sister who started second grade. They both came home excited for school! Whew!

I know he will meet challenges, but I know he has the strength to face them.  I couldn’t be prouder of him! He’s just an amazing kid!


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4 Responses to Look out Kindergarten, here comes Teo!

  1. Hank says:

    That is awesome!! Glad to hear everything went well!

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