A wonderful beach adventure

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It’s the end of summer for us.  Kids go back to school on August 2. Yes, that’s right I said August 2!! Remember when summer was 3 months long? When we would run out of fun ideas? Spend endless days at the pool, at our friend’s house, do tons of sleep-overs? And still have time for week long vacations with our parents and time to give our minds a rest. Time to enjoy our childhood.  I remember, and feel a little sadness that my kids don’t really get to experience that!

So we just took a long weekend trip at the ocean with Reuben’s family.  His brother and his family from Chicago came out and we had an amazing time just relaxing at a rental house.  We made amazing meals, the parents took turns sleeping in past 8 , walked on the beach, flew a kite and just enjoyed watching the kids play.

Maya really bonds with her cousin who is 1 year younger than her, but they really compliment each other and they just adore being together.  I think Mateo felt a little envious that someone else was getting his sister’s attention, but he handled the whole weekend really well.

He really adapted to a new house with people he doesn’t see very often with very few meltdowns.  It makes me happy to see how he is able to handle change so well, new environments and new people in a shared space can be difficult for him.

We just got an invitation to meet with his Kindergarten teacher the day before school starts, to give him a chance to become familiar with his new class.  I will admit that I am the most nervous for this big step in his life.  I think I have said that in almost every blog I have posted in the last few months.  I don’t mean to be repetitive, it’s just scary to see him going off to elementary school- away from the safety of Parent Participation Preschool and home therapy.  Feel like I am sending him off into the “real world”, the world of elementary school- EEEEK! I know he can handle it though.  Fingers crossed I make it through the first week!


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2 Responses to A wonderful beach adventure

  1. Leslie Billings says:

    So lovely are your children Melissa and how wonderful the story. They look like they had so much fun!

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