Hello Mom Bloggers!

me and Taryn at Happy Hour

I went to a Social Media Group Meet-Up yesterday and the focus was on Mom Bloggers.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s story of why they got into blogging, their inspiration for telling their story.

I went with my good friend Taryn.  She is new to the blogging world, check out her blog at hungryrunninglady.com.   We were interested to hear about what other Blogger Moms are doing, and hopefully get some new ideas.  But first was….Happy Hour! Got to have priorities!

I am very much a part of the Moms-with-children-with-Autism Community.  They are the majority of my online followers and they are mostly who I read about.  But I realized that I am still a Mom and that I should really be reaching out to other Mom-bloggers out there too.

We are all Moms with little or no time for ourselves, working hard to provide the best for our family- whether that’s keeping the house some-what clean, cooking or reheating meals, chasing kids, driving kids, picking up tiny toys EVERY WHERE, washing ENDLESS amounts of laundry or working a full time job and doing all of those things too. We are all in the same boat here.

I do have people in and out of my house all day, which not every mom experiences.  Not every Mom knows what ABA, OT or SPD is. But they all know how hard it is to be a mom. Period. It’s hard. Hard isn’t really a strong enough word- it’s INSANELY HARD!

So I am straying from my usual topic of Mateo to make a shout out to all of you fabulous Moms out there!

I read an article of about a Mom of three children, recently divorced, house fore-closed on and lost her job.  She left her 10 year old autistic son at a hospital in the ER because she couldn’t care for him anymore, or provide him what he needed.  There are so many sad stories of Mom’s who do crazy things to their children.  And  it sickens me to think of any mother harming her child.  But I think this Mom didn’t know where to turn,  I think she snapped, but she didn’t leave him in danger and she didn’t harm him.  He is now in Foster Care with a family who takes care of children with Special Needs. See the full article here: http://theautismnews.com/2011/07/13/autistic-boy-left-in-er-by-%E2%80%9Coverwhelmed%E2%80%9D-mother/

It’s interesting to read the responses on the article. What are your thoughts?

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