DANGEROUS!!!! According to Mateo

So Mateo has been learning the difference in safe and dangerous. The other day we were working in the yard together and my back was to the street. I heard Mateo say, “Ernie don’t run in the street, it’s dangerous”. Ernie is our dog. I thought Mateo was just acting out something like he usually does, or talking to himself.

I replied to him, “That’s right Mateo, running in the street is dangerous.”

Again he says, “Ernie, don’t run in the street!!” This time with more authority in his voice. I turn my head, and sure enough- Ernie had gotten out of the yard and was running down the middle of the street.

Today on this gorgeous summer morning, I decided to open up all of the windows. There are lots of dogs in our neighborhood and so, lot’s of people walk their dogs in the morning. Now Mateo has decided to inform our neighbors that it’s dangerous to walk their dogs in the street.

He has begun to shout out the window- “IT’S DANGEROUS!! DON’T WALK IN THE STREET!!” Our neighbors turn bewildered, wondering where this little voice screaming at them is coming from.

I think I need to film it! It’s just too hilarious! Did I mention he’s wearing his batman PJ shirt and Paul Frank Monkey undies to boot? Yep- he’s just an awesome kid! I can’t post that picture or I could send him to therapy for years for it. But you get the picture!

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