More fun time for Teo, more worries for me.


Pool Time is one of Teo's Favorite times!


Only one month left of summer vacation, I can’t believe how quickly it’s passing by!  I can tell my kids are growing up, the once easy-going-vibe has turned into yelling and constant button-pushing. So Mateo has figured out how to be a little brother and pick on Maya, and she has learned not to give him his way all the time.  I figured that we had been too lucky for so long and that eventually they would realize that brothers and sisters usually fight and argue.  I was hoping to keep that secret from them forever, but it is developmentally appropriate I suppose. {{{SIGH!!}}}

Our Regional Center has decided that Mateo is doing to well and for that matter it’s time to start scaling back home program.  It completely freaks me out, he has been doing so well and I am very worried that this huge reduction in therapy hours will mean he will start slipping.  That the progress will stop, and that things will all fall apart.  It scares me more than even his original diagnosis.

So I just have to be happy that he’s doing so well.  Not dwell on the “what ifs”, because there is no point.  I am hoping his transition to Kindergarten and the support he will be getting there will be enough, and that his progress will not slow, but he will continue to amaze us all. He always does. But it doesn’t stop me from worrying.

And in the end, less therapy means more fun time for Mateo! More time at the pool, more family time, scooter time, time for play dates, dance parties with his sister, treasure hunts, bubble parties, trips to the park and more time being a kid!

How are you spending your summer?

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2 Responses to More fun time for Teo, more worries for me.

  1. Taryn Nance says:

    I am spending part of my summer at the pool with you lady!

    Teo is doing sooooo awesome, and I know it is easier said than done, but live in the present and enjoy what a fabulous little boy you have on your hands! He will not slip because you will not let that happen and neither will he….he is too smart for that 😉

  2. Pop says:

    EXACTLY RIGHT, Taryn! It is great knowing Melissa and Reuben have such loving and supportive friends like you and Mark. Mateo and Maya have been more than a tonic for me–they exude love and remind me of life’s simple meanings, and reinforce my faith in the gifts we are all given and have the capacity to share with one another. They are extraordinary children, and we love them beyond measure. Their sharing is like God smiling.

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