The little graduate

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Sorry to be neglecting my blog and my followers.  With school ending and summer beginning, things have been so busy.  So let me catch everyone up to speed.

After much determination and a little tense meeting with our District representative we finally received the hours we asked for with our current Aide.  We just wanted a smooth transition for Mateo and having someone he was familiar with and understood Mateo’s needs and wants I think was essential.

It amazes me that you have to bully the school district to get what is best for your child.  I didn’t even realize that I had raised my voice until the tutors that were at the house with Mateo mentioned how impressed they were that I stand up for Mateo like that.  And they added that they would be a little scared of me. Whoops!  Hey, it’s my kid- I am protective, and he deserves the services to help him succeed in school.

It wasn’t even that the district didn’t give me what I asked for- but they completely changed what they said they were going  to give us, and she just brought it over for me to sign. She walked into my house saying, “You aren’t going to like this.” IEP papers in hand, ready to stand her ground. I just told her I would not sign it, because they weren’t setting Mateo up for success.  She said, “How do you know, he could do great!”  Sure he could do great, but you are taking a gamble on my kid.  If he needs the support, write it in there, if he doesn’t scale it back.  So a half hour later she called me with a compromise and Mateo will be set up for a great transition into Kindergarten!!

Last night Mateo graduated Preschool.  I was so proud of him, as he stood on the stage with his 25 other classmates and waited patiently for his certificate.  He was third to last and just stood on stage, looking at his teacher waiting for her to call his name.  She talked about how far he has come in the past two years and how proud she was of him.  And I couldn’t believe that my little guy is heading off to elementary school in just two months.

Now the reality has sunk in, after the struggles with the previous school district, meetings, testing and evaluations – Mateo is on his way to a main stream Kindergarten class with his current Aide.  And I am nervous, excited and filled with emotions.

Time for back to school shopping…but first lets enjoy some summertime fun!

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