Mateo is 5 today!

Five years ago today I was so happy to be holding Mateo for the first time. We had a tough labor, things were extremely hard, he was stuck- upside down and didn’t want to come out. My husband was worried, the nurse was worried, the room was tense.  When he finally arrived the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times.  I was so thankful to finally be holding him, he was beautiful, perfect in every way.  He was my second child and my first son. Mateo.

And Mateo has taught me more in these first five years then anyone could in my lifetime.  I never understood Autism until Mateo was diagnosed at 2 1/2.  I didn’t know the definition of “stemming” or “Sensory Processing Disorder” or what Autism really was.  I have become much more patient, though far from always patient.  I have learned how to try to balance my life, and find joy in every accomplishment and in the smallest progress.

He teaches me every day. He brings me happiness and joy and complete love.

Today he turns 5.  Today he asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?” when I made a mistake cutting his cake and yelled about it.  Maya, his sister, said “Wow, Mom he turned 5 and started saying all kinds of stuff!” She is so proud of her little brother. We all are! He has come so far.

He had a great party, sharing his toys with 13 other kids, playing without any arguements and NO meltdowns. He amazed me. He always does. Shines above, shows me- Autism doesn’t define him! He is always breaking out of that mold, showing everyone what an amazing kid he is.

I see great things for Mateo. I see a kid ready to take on the world. Happy Birthday Mateo! You can do anything you put your heart to and I know that you will!

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3 Responses to Mateo is 5 today!

  1. Love Mateo and his cake.

    And it does happen that way: “He’s 5 and he’s saying all kinds of stuff”.

    (His brain has been growing for the past 2 years).

  2. Jenelle says:

    Happy Birthday Mateo and way to go Mom & Dad (and Maya)! So cool that he and Christopher were in the hospital nursery together 5 years ago!!

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