A video for Autism Awareness Day

A picture is worth a thousand words they say.  Well I hope that Mateo’s cute face and some stats about Autism will stir some thoughts in people for Autism Awareness month.  April is dedicated to Autism and I am hoping to go beyond just awareness, I think most people are aware of it. But most people still don’t understand it.  I am hoping for more people to support the cause and accept individuals on the spectrum.

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3 Responses to A video for Autism Awareness Day

  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for sharing that.
    I see so much of our son in many of the things you describe as well as the way he behaves in the video.
    Our son is four as well but now very verbal after losing pretty much all speech at 18 months old.
    Speech therapy and IBI have done wonders for him.

    • melmama says:

      Thanks so much for you nice comments Jason. One of our struggles when we go out is that people misjudge Mateo, will remove their children from the playground when he starts stemming, or give him strange looks. I believe it is a fear of the unknown and I do my best to politely educate them. Thanks for your support and we are definitely all in this together!

  2. Pop says:

    We are SO proud of the GREAT presentation of Mateo and Autism you’re sharing and educating to bring more awareness about Autism. Your writing is exceptional and we believe your endeavors will benefit the cause in many ways. Thank you again for sharing this most personal part of your lives, and our love is always with you all.
    Pop and Nini

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