Acceptance, understanding and the end of misconceptions

The world of Social Media has really changed things.  Daily Facebook and Twitter fill my wall with articles, tools, sound advice mixed with ridiculous ideas and misinformed individuals. This is extremely powerful.  How many people believe everything they read or at least everything they agree with?

Today on  Facebook I received an invitation for Autism Understanding and Acceptance.  On their page it stated:

Awareness is not enough.

We (The Autism Community) need for you to know what Autism is.
We can only achieve that through Autism Understanding and Acceptance.

Awareness of autism has risen dramatically in the past few years, and awareness is certainly a good place to start. Increased awareness has helped parents get earlier diagnoses for their children, and it has helped secure funding for research. However, it hasn’t done much to change public perception of what autism really is.

This is a call out to the world to understand the people and the disorder.
This is a call out to the world to accept the people and the disorder.

I have been writing about this for a while.  I feel awareness is very important.  Scientific research is important.  But acceptance and the therapies that help our children and adults function in society are crucial. Therapies should be covered. Period! Schools should be using inclusion methods utilizing onsite therapists, tutors and assisting teachers.  This will help our children learn how to cope in social situations as they grow up.  Parents should be better informed of their rights and what’s available to them. There is so much that needs to be changed, and I think it needs to start with informing people on what Autism really is.

1 in 110 are diagnosed currently, even higher in California and other places around the world. We need to make sure that these children that are growing into adults have a place in our society.  So I am excited to share this on April 2, which is the International Autism Awareness Day.  I am excited to be a part of this Autism Acceptance Movement.

As I am thinking about how I can contribute to this movement, I look to the side of my page at the Ads on Facebook and I see this:

Passion for curing Autism?
Earn a degree in Childhood Development and turn your passion into a career!

WOW- talk about misinformation! “Passion for curing Autism?” Child Development isn’t going to CURE Autism.  Child Development will give our children tools and coping methods. I honestly don’t think anything is going to cure Autism.  We may one day learn the cause of Autism. Environmental factors playing into the rise of Autism may be changed and numbers will drop.  But Autism is genetic and will always be prevalent.  It’s the numbers of diagnosis that we need to be concerned with.

There is obviously a serious breakdown in the understanding of what  Autism is, it’s a Neurological Disorder. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood.

I was very disappointed in the Dr. Oz show about Autism.  He has the opportunity to reach so many viewers and spread knowledge and facts and all it turned into was a debate over Vaccines.  Trying to turn parents against doctors.  And the one scientist from the Mind Institute was pretty much shot down because he didn’t agree with her study on Freeways and pregnant women.

I hope that the blogging community and really come together and spread the knowledge with the world. Share the FACTS about Autism.  Start educating the world and end the misconceptions.

Click here to like Autism Acceptance & Understanding

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