A testimonial from Maya

My daughter wanted to write a testimonial after seeing Reuben writing one today.  I received it while working at Starbucks and I couldn’t help but begin to cry. Out of pride and out of the perfect truth she spoke.  Her and Mateo have an amazing connection. Her testimonial really says it all.

My name is Maya, I am 7 years old. My brother Mateo has Autism. Mateo’s tutors help him talk and play. If Mateo didn’t have his tutors he probably wouldn’t be able to talk. He would just make mumble noises like he use to. He would probably not play as much. He use to not play, because he didn’t know how. Please don’t take my brothers tutors away.



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4 Responses to A testimonial from Maya

  1. Heidi says:

    OMG, I totally just teared up. Aw, Maya!

  2. Uncle Ricky says:

    Such a lovely letter Maya. Thank you for writing that!

  3. bevin says:

    Maya is amazing. She speaks the truth with no reservations.

  4. Pop says:

    We are so proud of Maya and Mateo! (And Melissa and Reuben) Maya speaks for us all: “Please don’t take my brother’s tutors away!” We’re all wiping away our tears because we love this family, and we are all distressed to see this unfair gov’t stance we are up against, but we are not about to see these cuts become law. We will overcome these unfair and cruel cuts! Pop and Ninni

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