Autism Advocacy

Governor Brown is threatening to make cuts that will effect children with Autism and their services.  I would appreciate everyone’s help in contacting their Assemblymembers and helping to save services for kids now and in the future.  Feel free to copy anything below.

A letter I wrote to my Assemblymember:

Hi Roger,

My name is Melissa  and I am a neighbor, and I wanted to contact you in regards to Governor Brown’s proposed budget cuts would cut the Lanterman Act’s promise that people with developmental disabilities will get the services and supports they need to live full lives in the community.

My son Mateo is 4 1/2 and has Autism.  He was diagnosed around 2 1/2 and early intervention therapy has done so much for him.  When we started Mateo could only repeat one word at a time, and hardly spoke on his own.  This morning Mateo said to me “Mama, watch cartoons with me!”  And this is all because of the 40 hours of therapy/school he puts in each week.  My husband and I depend on Respite care to get out of the house and have quality time together.  I can’t imagine families losing so much.

Autism diagnosis is growing more each year, currently 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys are being diagnosed each year.  And Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases.  There are no answers to what causes Autism, but there is one thing that we know, early intervention and services make all of the difference.  I know without the early speech therapy, home ABA program and Occupational Therapy Mateo wouldn’t be developmentally where he is today.

If the cuts happen, my son could lose many of his services, and children that are newly diagnosed with Autism would definitely be missing out on the most important years of therapy.  I know the cuts need to happen, but taking away from children that already receive so little is not the answer.

Thank you for the time to listen to Mateo’s story and how important it is that these services continue for our children. Please let me know if there are other ways and people that I can contact to  help to save these services

Best regards,

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One Response to Autism Advocacy

  1. Kim says:

    The cuts are being proposed because nepotism and waste was found in the 2010 audits of some regional centers. If families held these few regional centers accountable, there would be plenty of money remaining for Mateo’s services. Families should fight for the Regional Center Public Records Act. They should demand to know why profits go to friends and family and not to kids like Mateo. Governor Brown is putting pressure on some very selfish people. They will try to use Mateo to get more money for themselves. Don’t let them. Let’s force these centers to spend our tax dollars better.

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