I’m Batman

I am really excited about Halloween for Mateo this year.   He keeps running around saying “Trick or Treat!” Carrying his little plastic pumpkin around.  I think this year will be my favorite with the kids because he really understands the concept of it. And we finally found a costume for him.

A couple weeks ago Reuben asked Mateo, “What do you want to be for Halloween?”

Teo replies, “I want to be me!”

Ha! Sometimes I love Autism so much.  I love the truth of it, the honesty in his words and his thought process.  Of course he wants to be him, who else would he want to be?

“Who do you want to dress up as for Halloween?” Reuben rephrases.  But Teo wasn’t really sure.  So I decided the best option was to just take him to the Halloween store and let him choose.

He liked the Knight costume, but it was all plastic. And I think he liked it for the sword, which he couldn’t take to school. Then he liked a Transformer costume because of the mask, but it wasn’t in his size. Then he found Batman.  Mateo likes anything black with skulls .  He really has his own taste in clothes and his own style.  Born to be a rock star I think.

So of course Batman, all black with a mask was the best choice for him. Now I just need to teach him to say “I’m Batman!”

Looking forward to posting lots of pictures and reporting on the weekend ahead.  Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween Weekend!

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2 Responses to I’m Batman

  1. Lara Kiniris says:

    He is going to make a GREAT Batman! Can’t wait to party with you both in preschool!

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