Talking with Teo


“Yes Teo”

“Come on” he grabs my hand and we walk to the kitchen.

He points to the bowl on top of the microwave.

“I want a banana, PLEEEEEEEEASE”. Pointing to the last banana sitting there.

“Wow Mateo, that was so good! You asked for that banana so well!” I open it and hand it to him.

“Thank you”

Wow- I just had a conversation with Mateo. There was no yelling, no confusion, just a beautifully clear conversation. These have happened before, it’s not the first time. But every time it happens, I just want to do the happy dance!

Go little buddy, I am proud of you!

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One Response to Talking with Teo

  1. Nikole says:

    Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

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