Walking with Captain Teo

I felt moved by the power of 8,000 people walking yesterday for a cause that effects us every single day.  I am sure it’s like that when anything comes into your life something that takes over and there are no answers for and no cures.  To walk with your friends and family and feel the support and to feel the energy of so many people searching for the same answers and the same acceptance and inclusion into society, it’s a moving experience.

Mateo loves the song Yellow Submarine.  We can’t play Beatles Rock Band without playing that song at least 30 times.  He rocks out with the Wii guitar or will hit the drums and although doesn’t follow the games rules can still manage an OK score.  He has a Yellow Submarine my wonderful friend Sheila bought him, not even knowing this new found obsession, and he loves to play with it.  So Reuben and I decided to name Captain Teo and his Yellow Submarine Crew.  It was between that and Mickey Mouse.

What was interesting was the excitement on Teo’s face the whole day.  We don’t keep Autism a secret in our house. We live it, we talk about it every day, we let Mateo know he has Autism, that’s why he does therapy so much.  Maya tells her friends.  So when we say we are doing The Walk for Autism, he smiles.  I wonder, what does he understand? Does he understand that we are walking for  all of people like him that have Autism?  Although he probably doesn’t understand he knew he was the Captain, he wore a hat that said it, and he knew we all had submarine shirts on and he thought that was pretty cool!

Our little team of 15 adult walkers and 6 kids raised over $3,000.00.  My mom raised 1,000.00 herself! Pretty amazing, my goal for next year is more walkers and maybe we can top $4,000.00!

The reason our family walks, makes a team and fund-raises for the cause is to look for answers, help families newly diagnosed,  spread awareness, and let Mateo know he isn’t alone.  There are lots of kids out there like him, people with Autism that overcome all challenges to graduate college, get good jobs, raise families.  That working so hard every day will pay off someday. So thanks to all the walkers for making a such an impact and thanks so much to Capt’ Teo and the Yellow Submarine Crew team for making it such a wonderful day!

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