A walk for hope, acceptance and support.

The Walk for Autism is coming up on Sunday and I am so amazed by how well our little team has done! We have raised over $2,500.  But even more than the money, it’s the friends and family eager to take the time to fund-raise and support Mateo and support Autism.  All I can hope for, more than cures and answers is support and understanding of individuals who are diagnosed.  I want people to look at Mateo and see him as an amazing kid.  An amazing kid who struggles each day trying to communicate what he needs.

This morning he was in the kitchen and pointing up towards the cabinet in the kitchen.  I was trying to make them some banana bread for breakfast and he wanted something, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  I kept prompting him…”I want….”,  “I want….” He kept saying  a word and I couldn’t place it at all.  Finally he looked at me, and looked down, his mouth turned down and tears started to roll from his eyes.  All I could do was go down and hug him and hold him and think, “this will get easier, this will get better for him!”

So I stopped, thought about what I was doing, what he could want….It hit me! ” Oh you want to help me? You want up?”

“UP! HELP!” He said with a huge smile.  I was baking, of course he always wants to help me.

He knows how to say “up”, he knows how to say “help” but it wasn’t coming out that way.

So thank you for everyone who takes the time to read my blogs! Thanks for taking the time and energy to raise money and walk with us! Thanks for  listening  to me when I rant on about services, therapy, school and everything else out! I feel so lucky to have the most amazing friends and family that give so much.

I hope this walk, this blog, my amazing friends can help everyone to understand Autism, that it’s a real disorder, effecting real people.  And how we should all be accepting of everyone no matter their differences.

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