The sweetest girl

The other hero in my house is Teo’s sister, Maya.

Between school, therapy, gymnastics and work our family is constantly on the go.  I worry about her getting enough attention.  So much of my time goes to Mateo.  I want him to have every opportunity.  But I am amazed by how dedicated Maya is to the same goal.  She never acts jealous or mean, she is always supportive and caring.  She tells her friends, “Mateo has Autism, so he can’t talk very well.” Trying to  help people understand.  She is an amazing six year old with the biggest heart.

So I am dedicating this post to her. My shining star, my  selfless daughter who gives all that she can and asks for very little.

I was very happy to take her out the other night with another friend and her daughter and have some girl time.  We went to an Arts and Crafts place, later went to a relaxing dinner and then finished the night off watching part of a movie.  She was so happy, she loved every minute of  “Girls Night”.

So my latest goal is to continue that and give her more time on her own, where she can just be herself and not worry about being the protective big sister.  What are some of your ideas to make someone feel special?

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7 Responses to The sweetest girl

  1. ibierce says:

    She’s a good big sister!

  2. Reuben says:

    She is really a wonderful sister. Very understanding and so involved in his therapy.

  3. Shicha says:

    What a good big sis Maya is!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Nikole says:

    Maya is truely a sweetheart and it just comes naturally to her to be the big sister, the protector, the interpreter, the friend…. she’s awesome and Teo is a lucky lil’ bro! I do Mama/Kyra time; Mama/Ella time and Mama/Mia time. Where each week – whos ever turn it is– they get the one-on-one time. It has to be out of the house, just us too. Jesse does it too and they feel so special. It’s amazing to me each time what i learn about them that i didn’t notice before. We’ve gone to a coffee shop, out for dessert, to the park, to the movies, make an art project, etc. etc. But – -you just have to say the words, “It’s mama time, just me and you” and they love it and look forward to it and ask for it.
    You’re a super duper mama…… what a great gift you gave to her w/ girls night. 🙂

    • melmama says:

      Yes, I think I should definitely do that and she and Teo can rotate weeks and rotate with me and Reuben. Well if one of us has one, the other will have the other. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. We feel so lucky to have such amazing supportive friends. You have no idea!

  5. melmama says:

    And further proof how amazing she is- yesterday she came home with a bag of toys she had one for selling cookies at her school. She was so excited couldn’t wait to try them out. And of course Teo wanted to check them out too. He has to see how everything works- and took a part her black light secret message pen and broke her little wall climber toy by tearing one of the gummy feet off of it. And she just brought it over to me and said “Look what Teo did”. But she wasn’t mad or angry, she asked…”How can we fix it?” I just wish I had as much patience and understanding as Maya sometimes.

  6. Pop says:

    We are enormously proud of ALL of our grandkids, and we are always learning from them. Maya has the love and patience of a saint, and her interaction with Mateo and all of her friends and cousins shows her increasing abilities are way beyond her years. The “family unit” is one we may all learn from, and Teo’s love for his sister and mom and dad, and grandparents and friends makes us all increasingly proud of this Mendoza family! Ninni and I love them all more than they’ll ever know, and they all are very blessed to have so many supportive friends that they depend on. Maya and Teo rule! And Mellissy and Reuben are exceptional parents! Are we not ALL better for knowing this remarakable family? We love you all beyond words.

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