It’s gonna be one of those mornings…

That is what I posted for Facebook this morning.  I could see the opposition for the time he got up.  Maybe he didn’t get enough sleep? Maybe too much? Maybe he’s hungry?

I look for reasons, but it’s probably just the Autism.  He refused to wash his hands, get dressed, do the things that make the morning go smoothly.  So when it happens, all I can think is “It’s just going to be one of those mornings.”

So thankful to have the tutors all here this morning though, they make everything go smoother. ABA is an amazing thing, not only does it teach Mateo about what to do, it teaches me how to deal, which is just as important.  To take a step back and not argue, just ignore his behavior until he does what we asked of him.

Hopefully all will go well at Social Group today.  He is still unsure of it I think, never too excited to go in, so many people around.  I can see the anxiety in him.  The social anxiety is new for Mateo, he was always one to go with the flow, chase the kids around. It makes it easier when Maya is there I think.  So I never know what to expect on an outing, but it’s not going to stop us from exposing him to as many situations as we can, and trying to make him feel ok about it.

And now they are happily throwing water balloons around in the backyard. Whew! A break for me and he’s happy again. He ran in very happy, he found a lady bug! ” look ma a lady bug!” His tutor prompted him. He repeated it with excitement!

Mateo and the lday bug

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