Lucky me and amazing traits

I have been thinking about how lucky we are lately.  I belong to quite a few Autism groups, it helps to feel part of a community, to hear people going through, what we go through and what Mateo goes through.  And I heard a heart-breaking story of a woman who couldn’t get therapy for her son. He received a diagnosis of Autism from a neurologist, but not a psychologist yet, so they were stalling on giving her services. In the mean time her son was showing aggressive behavior at daycare, to his sister and himself. And she didn’t know what to do.  She just wanted some help, yet the system was stalling her.  So she felt forced to put her son in a Crisis center, her son is only 4 like Mateo.

How lucky we are. Sure, I have had to fight for the services like every parent. There isn’t enough money in the state there are more diagnosis each day.  What’s going to happen to these kids that don’t get the early help they need? I feel for all of the parents out there, battling each day with the system, and at the same time trying to raise their children in a safe and happy environment.

This morning at 4:00 am, Mateo woke from a nightmare.  With lots of  kids, you can tuck back into bed, kiss them, cuddle them and make them feel better.  But for Mateo, all he wanted was his shoes! He cried hysterically for his shoes.  Wandered the house in circles crying “Zoos! Zoos!”, it took us a while to figure out what he was asking for.  I was trying to get him calmed down, while Reuben hunted for his shoes.  And of course poor Maya was woken up in the chaos, and all I could think of was she has school today and she’s going to be exhausted.

So holding a spoon, his pillow pet and wearing shoes without socks, Teo crawled into bed with us, and of course Maya woke up and wanted to join us too. So needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

But still this morning woke up thinking about how lucky I am to have Mateo and an amazing husband who is supportive and takes on half of the share, and a daughter who loves her brother with all of her heart- even when he wakes her at 4:00am looking for his shoes.   I saw on another site the 10 terrific traits of Autism.  And I was thinking of reposting- but it didn’t really sum up all of the wonderful traits of Mateo so here is my own list:

The 10 Amazing Traits of Mateo (cause he is more than terrific):

1. Loving and Caring- he loves hugs and cuddles, kisses and tickles.

2. Amazing Memory- he can recite and reenact his TV Shows he loves after watching them.

3. Fun-loving – he loves to have a good time, run around, play chase, play with bubbles, go on rides.

4. Sense of Humor- he has an amazing sense of humor, he loves to laugh and make me laugh too.

5. Loves his sister- he loves his sister and is so close to her.

6. Loves animals – loves to play with animals, although not always the most gentle, he tries.

7. Always Singing- he loves to sing, and he entertains me all day with singing songs, although when trying to work, not always the best trait.

8. Great Eater- so many kids don’t eat (especially ones on the Autistic Spectrum), but Teo LOVES to eat!

9. Quick to Learn- when he’s taught something new, he catches on quickly- sometimes the learning can take a while, but once he learns it- he knows it.

10.  Amazing Kid- he is an all around amazing kid, he amazes me every day with his abilities, his big heart and his remarkable spirit. He touches everyone he meets, and leaves an impact on them.

There are many more amazing traits, but I don’t want to brag too much about him and about how lucky I am.

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3 Responses to Lucky me and amazing traits

  1. Reuben says:

    Where did the spoon come from? It just seemed to appear in his hand. The show reenactments are pretty entertaining. Yo Gabba Gabba is my favorite.

  2. melmama says:

    I don’t know where the spoon came from, it just appeared in his hand when he came in our room. And I do love the show reenactments too- much more entertaining than the original shows.

  3. melissa says:

    Wow what an amazing boy you have, and such a beautiful family. You are so lucky to have eachother!!

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