Teo finds his new favorite word

How long have I wanted Mateo to be able to clearly communicate to me?

I have wished so many days for him to find the words, to tell me what he wants. And now he has discovered the post powerful word in his vocabulary, and it’s “NO!!!”.

Not just “no” but “NOOOOO!“.  He used to say “No Thanks” to everything. Because that is the language I modeled.  It is a very good step in his development for him to use independant language like “NOOOOOO!”. He’s not repeating something that I have said, he’s saying it on his own terms and he means it.

Part of me misses, the sweetest little boy, the one that would just point to what he wanted and say “This One”, after I would ask, “This one or This one?” But part of me is very excited to see him coming into his own.  He doesn’t repeat everything his sister asks him to say anymore, he is learning his voice.  We have been waiting for and working so hard towards Mateo finding his own independent language and communicating it to others.

I just hope he finds out that “Yes” is a pretty great word too.

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2 Responses to Teo finds his new favorite word

  1. Reuben says:

    The NOOO! is great, but I really do miss no thank you as well. I’m really enjoying seeing the emergence of a sense of humor as well.

  2. Taryn says:

    So true Reuben…..Teo is so freaking funny sometimes! He totally has a great emerging sense of humor 🙂

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