Picking your battles…

Mateo had his IEP on Monday.  In case you are unaware of what an IEP is, I know I was until I had a kid diagnosed with a disability.  An IEP is where you meet with your school district to figure out the best solutions for your child in their Education plan.  Well I have battled the school district to get Mateo a full time Aide at school and was prepared to battle to keep that Aide and add on extra hours for the next year.  I also feel like 30 minutes a week with a Speech therapist just isn’t enough when your child hardly can communicate, so I asked for 30 minutes more.  But I was actually hoping for a different solution.  I don’t think his speech therapist does much- she sits with him at a table for 30 minutes a week and tries to get him to tell her what items are.  Mateo has ABA program for 3 hours a day plus school and his therapists do that all day long.

So before the IEP I spoke with my Alta representative she told me that Alta can pay for a Social Speech class for 45 minutes a week.  Here he will be placed with other kids and learning to communicate with his peers with the help of a Speech Pathologist.  This seemed like a much better fit for Mateo so I decided to let the school slide on this one.

But I found it INSANE that the school said the reason they are denying me additional speech for Mateo at this time is because he’s doing so well and progressing so fast.  But my child is 4 and can’t tell you what he wants for lunch, or what his favorite color is, or what he wants to do today.  But for someone on the Autistic Spectrum he’s doing amazing well.  But he should be compared as far as the school goes to any other kid- to get what he needs to succeed.  I understand that schools are being cut- so is Alta and our services could disappear at any time. It  scares me much more than anything else with Autism, Reuben and I have even talked about how we would move to get better services if we had to.  If he lost services- where would he be in 2 years? The progress has been so great- ABA has made all of the difference for him and so has Preschool.

Through the summer Mateo will have a packed schedule his therapy will go from 9am-3pm every day.  I will take all that I can get right now- I just want him to be the best that he can be.  I just wish every one could see how important these services are to our children in making them succeed in this world.

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One Response to Picking your battles…

  1. El Reuben says:

    You have a good point there. What are we looking to accomplish…are we looking for Teo to be an exceptional kid with autism or an exceptional kid in general? I really don’t feel like he needs to be limited by his condition. With the right assistance I truly feel he can lead a very accomplished life.

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