What Autism Means to Me

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and people all over the world are showing their support for Autism Awareness. When Mateo was just over 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with Autism, he will be turning 4 on April 10th.  Autism effects children, families and  adults all over the world and the numbers are growing and astonishing. But each person is effected and touched in a different way. This is what Autism means to me.

Moments of frustration, tears and questions,
but more smiles, laughs and giggles to outshine them.

Another way to look at the world,
with an  open heart and open mind.

Able to know what he wants through the tears and frustration,
though no words are able to leave his mouth.

Finding excitement in the smallest of accomplishments,
saying hi, looking a stranger in the eyes, chasing the kids on the playground.

Fears for the unknown, worrying about his future,
what will happen for kindergarten, high school, marriage?

Singing, banging, laughing, screaming, shouting, jumping,
running in circles around the house.

Fighting for services, fighting for rights,
Hours and hours of therapy, yet it never seems like enough.

Finding the time to spread the attention between
him, my daughter, my husband, my family, my friends, and even myself.

Hope in each accomplishment, in each time he says a new word, expresses himself,
smiles at someone, answers a question, stays by my side, and does something he should for his age.

Loving an amazing kid who has given me so much joy in this world,
who has touched so many people with his loving nature.

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